Equity Caucus at Transportation for America

On October 25th, Tom Sanchez, professor of Urban Affairs and Planning, participated on a panel on federal policy for transportation equity.  The event was held at the Pew Charitable Trust in Washington, DC and sponsored by PolicyLink and Transportation for America.

The program included:

Keynote Address
Honorable James Oberstar
Former Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
Introduction by James Corless, Transportation for America

Trends and Policy Ideas from the Field of Transportation Research
Brian Taylor, University of California Los Angeles
Samuel Staley, Florida State University
Thomas Sanchez, Virginia Tech
Robert Bullard, Texas Southern University
Anita Hairston, PolicyLink (moderator)

Perspectives on the Political Landscape and Opportunities for Advancing Economic and Social Equity in Federal Transportation Policy
Kerry O’Hare, Building America’s Future
Joshua Schank, Eno Center for Transportation
Amy Scarton, US Department of Transportation
Robert Puentes, Brookings Institution
James Corless, Transportation for America (moderator)

Transportation Equity at the Local Level: Challenges & Opportunities
Jacky Grimshaw, Center for Neighborhood Technology
Beverly Ward, Community Transportation Association of America
Carmen Rojas, Living Cities
Anita Hairston, PolicyLink (moderator)


About Tom Sanchez

Professor, Urban Affairs & Planning Program School of Public and International Affairs College of Architecture and Urban Studies Virginia Tech
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